Why Choose ProTech?

We are the “Triad’s True Carpet Cleaning Experts”, but there is more to it than that. 

What Sets Us Apart

Supremely Qualified

All ProTech Carpet Care cleaning technicians are certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration (IICRC).  In addition, our owner is a certified Senior Carpet Inspector and Master Textile Cleaner.  No other Triad cleaning company can say that.

Cutting Edge Technology & Techniques

We outfit our technicians with the latest, most efficient cleaning systems and products to ensure the best possible clean.  In addition, we stay up-to-date on all of the best practices in our industry—including customer service and experience standards.

20+ Years Serving the Triad

At ProTech, we believe it is a real honor to have an opportunity to serve our friends and neighbors.  We know that this community is responsible for our success and we work everyday to live up to expectations of our clients.  Thank you for choosing us!

Our Process

Step 1


The first step in the hot-water extraction process is the preconditioning of your soiled carpet with an alkaline cleaning agent.

Step 2


Preconditioning is followed by going over the surface with a grooming brush and allowing the cleaning agent to settle into your carpets fibers.

Step 3


Next a hot-water extraction machine uses hot water mixed with an acetic acid solution to rinse out the preconditioner and balance the pH.

Step 4


Lastly, technicians use professional vacuum machines to remove the hot-water solution from your carpet.  Your carpet will need more time to dry completely.

Credentials & Capabilities

Credentials 2022 1 Scaled, Protech Carpet Care
Credentials 2022 2 Scaled, Protech Carpet Care
Credentials 2022 3 Scaled, Protech Carpet Care

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Hot Water Extraction
This is the technical name for “steam cleaning”.  We spray an alkalizing pre-conditioner into your carpet before manual or mechanical agitation.  Then we cycle hot water through the carpet, simultaneously vacuuming to remove soil and moisture together.
Absorbent Compound
We apply an absorbent compound saturated with detergents to the carpet.  We then work it in with brushes or counter-rotating brush machines.  The absorbent compound will emulsify oils and suspend soils in the compound itself, to be removed vacuuming.
Bonnet Cleaning
A mix of water and detergent is sprayed onto the carpet.  A rotary machine with a cotton-rayon bonnet is sprayed with the same solution and spin buffed over the carpet to absorb any soils that have been released from the carpet.  This technique requires true expertise.
A surfactant with a co-polymer is sprayed on the carpet and then worked into the carpet with a cylindrical machine or a counter-rotating brush machine. The soils are encapsulated within the solution and left to dry.  Soil becomes embrittled and is removed by vacuuming.
Carpet Shampooing
A foaming surfactant is applied and agitated into the carpet with a nylon brush shampooing machine.  Soils are suspended and removed by wet vacuuming, which leaves crystalline residue.  Once dry, dry vacuuming removes this residue and the process is complete.

Learn more about our methods here.

Related Services

Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning
We routinely save our clients money on getting furniture reupholstered.  Sometimes all your textiles need is some cleaning and a little protection.  We handle all of that: upholstered furniture, leather furniture, window treatments, mattresses, and more!
Stone, Tile, & Grout Cleaning
Removing the dirt and grime from your tile or stone floor can make your bathroom or kitchen feel like a completely different room.  Tile, stone, and especially grout accumulate soil slowly overtime.  However, we can remove years of residue in a matter of minutes or hours.
Air Duct Cleaning
This service may actually be the most beneficial one we offer.  However, it doesn’t have to do with what you see.  It has to do with what you breathe.  If we had our way, we would pitch this service to all of our clients because poor indoor air quality is a huge health risk.
Fire & Water Damage Restoration
While not every carpet can be saved, many of them can be.  Call us for your fire or water damage needs and we will give you realistic expectations of what can be done for your floors.  Just be sure you don’t give up before you have talked to real restoration experts.
Pet Damage Remediation
A large portion of all carpet cleaning jobs are a result of accidents by our furry friends.  We love them—not the yellow spots and festering odor of the messes they might make.  We can handle both pet stain and pet odor removal, leaving your carpets and air fresh and clean.

Learn more about our services here.

What Our Clients Say

Andrew Hitchcock
Andrew Hitchcock
Could not be happier, very knowledgeable, on time, professional, and really cared about my pet stain issue. The carpet looks, and more importantly, smells like new! Will use again for sure.
Anne Murr
Anne Murr
Kevin has cleaned my carpets for several years and I have always been happy. Kevin is very responsive even with immediate needs such as spilled coffee. Kevin is very efficient and friendly.
Danielle Grady
Danielle Grady
They also cleaned my hardwood floors and everything looks absolutely amazing!! Highly recommend!!!
Brooke Matthews
Brooke Matthews
Kevin and his team are passionate about their work and experts at all things pertaining to your carpets and upholsteries! Our carpet, rug, and nursery glider came out beautiful! We are very happy with this job. Thanks ProTech
Kathryn Duke
Kathryn Duke
Excellent, professional service.
Melissa Martin
Melissa Martin
Pro-Tech Carpet Care has been cleaning my carpet for the past couple of years and they are awesome! I love how Kevin and Dylan are not only professional but they let me know what would work best and how to treat my carpets in the in-between times. I highly recommend that anyone wanting a professional and affordable service use this company. I recommended them to my sister and now she uses them as well. Thanks Kevin and Dylan.
Susan Beane
Susan Beane
Always excellent work— and an amazingly great value for excellence! My carpets and upholstery always look like new and I know the life of them extended because Kevin and Dylan clean so thoroughly!!
Leanne Sessoms
Leanne Sessoms
Kevin always does a great job! Our carpets look great and his pricing is very reasonable. Would definitely recommend!
bridget greene
bridget greene
Kevin is outstanding! Reliable, thorough and trustworthy!!
Rosanne Neely
Rosanne Neely
ProTech came out and cleaned all my carpet upstairs and downstairs recently. Kevin and Dylan did a great job!!!! It had been a long time since it had been cleaned and was so surprised to see how good it looked when they finished!!!! They were very professional, knowledgeable in their job, and pleasant to work with. I will definitely use them again!!!!!!!

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Family Carpets Before ProTech

Family Carpets After ProTech

Air Ducts Before ProTech

Air Ducts After ProTech

Pet Stains Before ProTech

Pet Stains After ProTech

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