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Stain Removal Test Background 1 Protech Carpet CareNothing can ruin the crisp, clean appearance of carpet like a big nasty stain.  Even the most pristine and well maintained carpet looks dirty when stained.

Most household carpets have a stain here or a stain there.  When the stain too big to be hidden by rearranging the couch, it’s time to call a professional.

ProTech Carpet Care has been removing carpet stains in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point for more than twenty years.  We pride ourselves in our excellent quality of work and our exceptional customer service.

As the premier stain removal experts in the Triad, we have the expertise to remove any stain:

✅ Red Wine Stain ✅ Coffee Stain  ✅ Pet Stain/Odor ✅ Tea Stain ✅ Mustard Stain ✅ Chocolate Stain ✅ Dirt & Mud Stains ✅ Fruit Juice Stain ✅ Kool-Aid Stain ✅ Ink Stain ✅ Chewing-gum Stain ✅ Soda Stain ✅ Oil Stains ✅ Lipstick Stain ✅ Lotion Stain ✅ Grass Stain ✅ Wax Stains ✅ Dye Stains ✅

We have the equipment and experience necessary to get rid of any stain you’ve got.  Whether you have a carpet that has been collecting stained spots over the years or someone just recently had a stain causing accident on your brand new carpet, ProTech Carpet Care can have your carpet looking brand new in no time.

We’re in it for the long haul.  When we do business, we aim to build lifetime relationships with our clients.  We think the only way to do this is by providing outstanding service all around.  Let the team at ProTech show you our quality of work and commitment to customer service, we promise you will never want any other stain removal service.

If you want to see what sets us apart from our competition, just look at our reviews: we’ve been in business for over two decades and have never gotten a negative review.

One of the most important aspects of our service excellence is our commitment to education.  We are always developing our own knowledge by keeping up-to-date on the latest training and technological developments in our industry.  Our owner is a Senior Applied Carpet Inspector as well as a Master Textile Cleaner, certified by the IICRC.  In fact, all ProTech technicians are IICRC certified carpet cleaners.

When you go with ProTech, you’re hiring stain removal experts dedicated to cleaning your carpet to spotless perfection.

You will be satisfied with our service, we guarantee it.  In fact, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Our job isn’t finished until you are completely happy with your fresh, clean carpet.  When you choose ProTech Carpet Care, you choose the best.

Take a Look At Some of Our Work

Family Carpets Before ProTech

Family Carpets After ProTech

Pet Stains Before ProTech

Pet Stains After ProTech

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