There is a rather significant difference between a home based on an individual’s sense of style and one that is selected based on the comfort of their dogs. It’s a delicate balance between style and practicality when a dog owner puts a blanket on top of their couch just so their dogs can hang out with them, and the moment they expect company, off comes the blanket of convenience. This becomes an issue when one is renovating or decorating their home. There are many style choices that dog owners will painstakingly compromise on just because they want their furry friend to be comfortable, and with good reason. That being said, there is one aspect that an individual just cannot compromise on: the flooring of their home.

Adding carpets to a home can go a long way to protect the integrity of original hardwood flooring or whichever kind of flooring the homeowner prefers. But, is there a way to keep the carpeting of a home safe and in good condition in the presence of one’s furry friends? Luckily, there are several carpet cleaning hacks that can keep one’s carpets clean, even if they have pets that enjoy messy playtime.

Why It Helps to Have Carpet In a Dogowner’s Home

There are specific rooms in a house that experience more wear and tear than others. This can include but is not limited to; mudrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. For rooms like these, it is understandable that one might want to stick to the original flooring rather than covering it up with carpets. However, there are areas like the dining or living room, perhaps even one’s bedroom, where a plush carpet might feel almost needed. It isn’t just about the aesthetic aspect, but also that carpeting in a home where one has a dog helps when it comes to slipping. This is particularly common for puppies or big energetic dogs because they may slip on an uncarpeted floor when they get excited and run. Carpeted floors, however, will keep them safe.

There are various unique ways of keeping the carpet clean so that the dog owners can have the best of both worlds. Here are some kinds of carpets that dog owners can invest in:

  • Spill-resistant materials that can withstand morning coffee, red wine, and everything that a dog can sweep off the table by playing around.
  • Materials that are capable of resisting all kinds of stains. Life does happen, and it is not entirely possible to ensure there are no spills on the carpet. It helps to have a material that won’t permanently house the stains forever.
  • An incredible warranty for the carpet, just in case the carpet cleaning hacks don’t work out as well as you would like them to.
  •  Carpet capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and everyday wear and tear.

It is normal for people to invest in regular carpet cleaning in Greensboro once they find the perfect carpeting. However, it is important to note that these carpets are not naturally pet-friendly. These services are hired to protect the Integrity of the carpet that is meant for styling the house. People who have dogs and cats inside their houses cannot regularly invest in these services due to the frequency of their requirements. If they did, the cost alone would bleed them dry.

Here are some ways dog owners can invest their time and energy into preventative care, making sure their carpets are clean at all times while their pets roam freely in their houses without having to invest heavily in carpet repair in Greensboro.

Clean off Their Paws

Dogs like playing outside in the dirt. While this is good for their health, it can mean terrible things for the pet owner’s carpet conditions indoors. Cleaning their paws before the dogs enter the premises might be just what keeps the carpets clean and enhances their life in a house. The dogs won’t necessarily enjoy this bit. Still, once pet owners become consistent with this habit, the dogs will become trained and almost expect it every time they enter the house. This saves a trip to commercial carpet cleaning in Greensboro!

Handle Spills Immediately

Spills happen and can’t always be avoided in a pet-friendly home. However, one must always make sure to blot the spills as soon as they happen. If the spill isn’t blotted up immediately, it increases the chances of it turning into a massive stain on the carpet, for which one will need to go to the commercial carpet cleaning in Greensboro. Or worse, get rid of the carpet altogether.

Neutral Cleaners

Just like spills, accidents happen. A dog may urinate accidentally and sometimes, on carpet too. When that happens, one must always use a neutral cleaner to remove the acidity from the urine. That is what may cause a stain to appear. There are various spot cleaners in the market one can choose from.

A pet-friendly house experiences regular wear and tear because dogs are adorable big babies that aren’t always aware of their sizes. So, they spill things without wanting to. Many pet owners have experienced these problems and formulated solutions for other pet owners going through the same. When one goes to the supermarket, one should keep an eye out for spot cleaners specifically designed for pet owners to tackle all their woes.

There are also pet-friendly liquids available that one can spray on the upholstery to make sure the dogs and cats even know that it is a no-go zone if the pet owner prefers. They won’t be cheap, of course, but will certainly cost less than a carpet cleaning service every other week.

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