No other place attracts dust, dirt, and stains like rugs. And no doubt, maintaining that sanitized and cozy feeling requires substantial effort. Still, most of us don’t have the luxury of time to wash rugs every day.

And to be fair, when it comes to tough stains and dirt infiltrating floor covering, it wouldn’t be a simple household chore anymore. The job becomes a bit complicated, time-consuming, and sometimes even overwhelming.

Nonetheless, knowing the proper techniques and strategies to sanitize rugs makes it far easier to accomplish the task. No matter what type of floor covering, or the place (home or office), there are more than adequate solutions for maintaining optimal appearance.

Also, a fresh-looking floor covering is captivating every time. However, there is more to it. The more sanitized a rug is, the less chance of unhealthy germs and filth remaining in gaps. That’s why hygiene and neatness always go hand in hand. Below are a few strategies to get your rugs free of dirt and stains and to give them a brand-new look.

Dry Sanitizing

Every time windows and doors open and people come and go out of a house or office, dirt and soil particles get into your working and living environment. Over time, filth on the floor diminishes the aesthetics and makes it look dull and dirty.

Move the furniture and perform a thorough vacuum cleaning. Make sure to adjust the temperature to the type of rug to prevent burning or damage to the more vulnerable materials. And, of course, don’t forget that high-traffic areas need more cleanup.

Don’t wait for New Year’s Eve or a party. Regular vacuuming keeps the surrounding environment in the best shape. Empty the vacuum bag before it’s half full, take the time and let the machine suck up all the dust.

Stains Are Tricky

There is somewhat of an instinct to rob a stain immediately after it appears. Most of the time, the rug ends up worse than before. Try sponging the wet surface and absorbing the remainder. Blot away the moisture using a cloth or towel.

It’s important to know what it takes to absorb stains in the fiber. The first minute is crucial. If you’re not sure the cloth or towel is colorfast, do not use them. It just complicates the situation!

Remember that all stains are different from each other. And each floor covering material or rug might have a different or unusual reaction to a substance. Most stains can be removed using homemade materials, including white vinegar, water, baking soda, and salt.

Ensure you have all the equipment and materials necessary before starting to clean. If you don’t or the damage requires a professional touch, seeking experienced firms who have a service for carpet repair in Greensboro is always a viable option.

What to Do with Pet Accidents

Living with a furry friend requires extra attention to the tapestry and flooring. Remove pet hairs regularly using a vacuum cleaner or lint roller for the upholstery and rugs. You can also place a washable blanket on the furniture to cover it up. That would make removing hairs much easier than before.

Pet beds are prominent sources of odor, so ensure to wash them regularly. Dampened robber gloves or reusable brushes are generally animal-friendly materials you can use without any concern about your pet’s health or the rug’s maintenance.

The golden combination of white vinegar & water is an excellent solution for pet accidents. Mix one cup of each and add two teaspoons of baking soda. Spray it on that area, wait a few minutes and disinfect the surface with a cloth. If these ingredients weren’t available, dish soap could do the job as well effectively.

Steam Cleaners Can Help

Steam mops or steam cleaners are widely used for hard surfaces such as tiles. It’s not usually advised for fiber rugs and coverings because the high temperature and moisture may damage the covering texture. If you’re unwilling to take any chances, companies specializing in carpet cleaning in Greensboro will do the job for you.

Nonetheless, with few considerations, nothing should go wrong. Remove the loose trash, fill the steam cleaner and add soap or other detergent chemicals. Ensure they’re a good fit with the rug material. Steam the entire surface and allow it to air dry.

You can cover the floor with a cloth (preferably microfiber) to insulate the steam and attract the dirt into the cloth. Let the steam come out and warm up the cloth, and then slide smoothly over the entire surface area. Steam cleaners sanitize and disinfect the rugs. Make sure to change the cloth after a while.

Fix Dents

Moving heavy furniture sometimes will end up leaving unpleasant dents behind. It might initially appear the texture has been permanently damaged. The solution is to use furniture coasters to avoid dents.

If that hasn’t been done, no worries. There are simple and easy ways to fix dents at home, even without professional assistance. The only things you’ll need are a steam iron and a white cloth or towel.

Put the damp towel over the depression and set the iron on top of the towel and exactly over the dent. Pressure the steam button and hold the iron for a few seconds. Gently and carefully move it around and repeat several times. Remove the cloth and spoon up the dented area. And voila – as good as new.

Don’t Underestimate Doormats

If you are worried about entering the house with dirty shoes, consider doormats. They scrape off dirt and absorb moisture.

It’s important to avoid bringing unclean particles from tiny insects and pebbles to mud and soil into a living environment. They can be a source of disease-causing contaminants and pose severe risks to you and your loved ones.

Having a doormat at the entry ensures everyone shakes off the filth before entering that space. In high-traffic areas like offices and large organizations, doormats are a MUST, and combined with services such as commercial carpet cleaning in Greensboro, health and tidiness will be guaranteed.

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