When it comes to maintaining the home, we all want to do the best we can to keep our belongings in good condition and our families happy and healthy.

Many do not consider that the soft surfaces in our homes are not as solid as they may appear. Upholstered and carpeted surfaces have loose fibers which can store dust, mold, and dirt. As a result, these surfaces can become breeding grounds for odors, allergens, and bacteria which can seriously harm the health of the family.

Not only this but furniture and carpeting that are not sufficiently maintained is more often to produce embarrassing odors and break down more quickly.

With costs as high as they are in our modern world, most people do not want to think about adding another bill for cleaning their homes. However, the cost of replacing furniture every few years is exponentially higher.

Improving the Appearance of Your Home

The most obvious reason for seeking upholstery cleaning is that it makes everything look better. But this is not as simple as it may seem.

Furniture and fabric can start to look old because of thinning, dullness, rips, runs, and excessive wearing.

These kinds of effects can become present as dust particles begin to reside amongst the minuscule fabric fibers. Some dust particles can have sharp edges, which can abrade fabrics over time. The dust and dirt particles make little rips in the fibers, which causes the furniture to start to look shabby.

The solution to the inevitability of having dirt and dust particles circulating the home and resting on furniture is regularly cleaning furniture upholstery.

Regular upholstery cleaning in Greensboro improves the lifespan of furniture and also addresses any stains, oils, odors, allergens, and bacteria that may be resting on the furniture.

With all of these compounds compromising the integrity of fibers, regular cleaning will increase fabric durability. The best way to do this is with steam cleaning in Greensboro.

Added Health Benefits of Clean Furniture Upholstery

While people may feel that some superficial wiping and dusting or cleaning up after a spill gets rid of the compounds in the fibers, that is, unfortunately, not the case.

  • Bacteria Removal: Superficial cleaning will not entirely eliminate compounds that spill on fibers. Likewise, much of the dirt and dust that settles onto furniture is deeper than what a superficial cleaning can address.

Bacteria on furniture and carpets can cause lung problems and incite allergic responses. For many, this means that their homes are making themselves and their guests unwell without them even knowing.

However, steam cleaning in Greensboro can address bacteria in upholstery because the steam is done at a high enough temperature to kill bacteria. The suction then removes any remaining debris.

  • Allergens and Air Quality: So many people are suffering from allergies to so many different compounds in our world today. Many of those people may also be surprised to find out that seasonal allergies are not only triggered outdoors because they follow them into the household.

Common allergens like dust, pet hair, dander, and mold reside deeply in fibers, such that household vacuums are not sufficient to remove these irritants. Steam cleaning and regular upholstery cleaning in Greensboro disinfect and use powerful suction technology to remove dust and debris, which lead to allergic reactions.

  • Odors: One of the first indicators of bacteria and mold is the odors that emanate. Odors are a sure sign that bacteria or mold are present and that these substances can be causing harmful health side effects.

But even if odors are not yet causing health consequences, they are still unpleasant and can be embarrassing in the presence of guests. Cleaning the upholstery can eliminate odor-causing molds and bacteria to improve the scent and sense of wellbeing in the home.

  • Sanitary Issues: The soft fabric and upholstery of furniture and carpets can be a breeding ground for mold, dirt, and bacteria. Even if dirt and debris are not visible to the naked eye doesn’t mean they are not present. These particles are microscopic and are everywhere. The only way of ensuring a high level of sanitation and cleanliness in the home is with steam cleaning in Greensboro.

Extending the Lifetime of your Furniture Investments and Life-long Savings

Every homeowner understands that furniture and carpeting are expensive. Homeowners will want to protect their investments to ensure the enjoyment of their purchases for decades. Not only this, but homeowners want to ensure the health of their families and guests with a high level of cleanliness.

Regular upholstery cleaning in Greensboro can seem like an annoying upfront cost, but avoiding this necessary maintenance will result in far higher costs in the long run.

Even if someone enjoys changing the style of their home with new furniture on a regular basis, keeping the furniture in good shape will allow them to sell it and recoup expenditures, which may then be used to purchase even nicer new furniture.

Maintenance Scheduling for Upholstery and Steam Cleaning

Determining a maintenance schedule for cleaning upholstery comes down to how often the furniture is being used and how it is being used.

When it comes to furniture that is rarely ever used, cleaning every year and a half to two years should be sufficient. Some may wonder why furniture that is rarely used ever needs to be cleaned. While the furniture does not appear to be dirty, there is still dirt, dust, bacteria, and mold particles circulating in the air which rests on furniture, turning it into a hotbed of microscopic activity.

Naturally, homes with children or pets require more frequent steam cleaning. In these homes, cleaning as often as once or twice per year is a great rule of thumb.

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