If you’ve recently invested in new carpets, make sure you take steps to keep your warranty active.

Today, the vast majority of carpet warranty claims are denied.  That’s because homeowners fail to perform the the basic maintenance their carpets require.

You see:

Keeping carpet warranties active takes knowledge and effort.

Luckily, it doesn’t take too much of either.  After reading this short guide on maintaining your carpet warranty, you’ll know exactly what you have to do to protect your latest investment.  After all, new carpets aren’t cheap.

Keep your warranty active, save money down the road.

Just follow these simple steps.

4 Steps for a Valid Carpet Warranty

The first thing you need to know:

There are different types of carpet warranties.

There are different types of carpet.  Carpets also need protection from different things.  The choices in the industry reflect that.  But they also reflect something else: marketing.

Guarantees are thought up by marketing teams.  Then, legal teams work out the details.

As such, the first step in keeping your warranty active is obvious.

Step 1: Know Your Warranty

Carpet warranties are often easy to read.

But this doesn’t mean they are always straightforward.  Ultimately, carpet companies offer warranties to sell more carpets.  They are not charity.  Therefore, do not expect to be handed a new carpet.

Keep Your Carpet Warranty Active Protech Carpet Care
Expect every policy to give the carpet manufacturer 101 ways out.

So read it.  That way you know what those ways are.  You’re also much more likely to keep your carpet warranty active if you know the requirements.

Those types mentioned earlier also play a major role.  Your warranty may have multiple parts.  There may also be multiple parties responsible for fulfillment.

Your carpet retailer should be able to help you understand and navigate your warranty.  Just be careful with this.  Some retailers even offer their own warranty to help close sales.  Make sure the advice you receive comes from a trustworthy source.

Whatever the case, keeping your warranty active is your responsibility.  Education is the first step.

But you also need the help of true professionals.

Step 2: Installation Up to Industry Standards

This may be the most important step in this post.

That’s because:

Carpet warranties are almost always void if the carpet is installed improperly.

Carpet And Rug Institute Seal Of Approval Protech Carpet Care

In this case, “proper” means the Carpet and Rug Institute Installation Standard CRI-105.  You don’t need to know what this means.  But you do need a carpet installer thatn does.  

Carpet installation is not the right project to practice your DIY skills.  Improper installation can lead to increased wear and tear.  It only makes sense that warranties include this stipulation.

Your carpet dealer will likely recommend a carpet installer for you.  But don’t assume that their contractor follows these standards—ask!  It could mean the difference in 100s or 1000s of dollars saved in the future.

Get this wrong and say goodbye to your potential replacement in 5-10 years.

But it takes more than just the right installation to keep your warranty valid.

You also need the proper maintenance.

Step 3: Take Care of Your Carpets

This is the number one reason carpet claims are denied.

PTCC Steam Clean 1 Protech Carpet Care

If you followed Step 1, you should have found specific maintenance requirements.

Most carpet warranties require professional cleaning from an IICRC certified technician every 12 to 24 months.  (This is one reason ProTech always stays up-to-date with our IICRC credentials.)

The length varies based on carpet type, manufacturer, and other factors.  You may find a warranty that doesn’t require professional cleaning.  If you do, it is almost certainly a gimmick.

You should also find a list (or several lists) of reasons your warranty may be voided.  This can include anything from the amount of foot traffic to specific types of stains.

Pay careful attention to exclusions and do your very best to avoid them.  In some cases, your local IICRC certified cleaner may even be able to help you if you have made a few maintenance mistakes.

But you can take the best care of your carpets in all of history.  If you can’t prove it, it does you no good.

Step 4: Always Keep the Proof


Warranties are created to sell more carpets.  They give carpet companies plenty of ways out.  Well, requiring proof of purchase and maintenance is a great way to avoid giving out new carpets.

Really.  Do you keep your receipts?

Save Carpet Cleaning Receipts Protech Carpet Care

When it comes to carpets, you definitely should.  This simple mistake could cost you big.  Keep the bill, invoice, or other statement that shows the retailer, price, and other details of the same.  But also keep the receipts from your installer and cleaner.

Sure, your retailer, installer, and cleaner probably have your records and may be able to provide you with copies down the road.

However, companies go out of business everyday.  And you’re always “better safe than sorry”.

Keep strong records.  Save yourself the stress later.


Successful warranty claims require two things:

1. Well maintained carpets.  Install your carpets to CRI-105 standards.  Learn about your warranty.  Hire IICRC certified cleaners per your agreement.  Avoid anything that might invalidate your warranty.  And do anything else specified in your warranty terms.

2. Proof of well maintained carpets.  Bills and receipts certainly provide one type of proof.  But all warranty claims require an on-site inspection.  So the other type of proof is the state of your actual carpets.  Don’t expect to cover up your warranty violations.

Follow the four steps above and you’ll succeed in having both.

This can save you on carpet replacement costs.  It will also result in carpets that look better and last longer.

At ProTech, we do everything we can to help our clients save money while keeping their homes beautiful.  Helping our clients keep their carpet warranties active is one way.  Education is another way—and we love it!  So please, ask your questions in the comments below.  And if you know anyone who likes saving money, like and share this post!  Or, if you live in the Triad and are interested in keeping your warranty valid, call us now at (336) 202-2061.

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