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Rug Cleaning Thumbnail Test Protech Carpet CareA clean rug can bring warmth and beauty.  Dirty area rugs bring filth, germs, odor, and poor taste.

Too often, we allow our textiles to go uncleaned for too long.  Over time, they build up grime and make your home a less healthy place.

ProTech Carpet Care has been cleaning rugs in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point for over two decades.  We take pride in our work and focus on providing the best customer experience time and again.

As The Triad’s True Carpet Cleaning Experts, we have the expertise for any rug type:

Wool Rugs ✅ Silk Rugs  ✅ Sisal Rugs ✅ Jute Rugs ✅ Seagrass Rugs ✅ Braided Rugs  ✅ Oriental Rugs ✅ Persian Rugs ✅ Central Asian Rugs ✅ Anatolian Rugs ✅ Caucasian Rugs ✅ Kurdish Rugs ✅ Chinese Rugs ✅ Turkestan Rugs ✅ Tibetan Rugs ✅ Domestic Rugs ✅

We can perform in-home rug cleaning as well as more advanced cleanings in our shop.  Depending on the type of rug or your specific cleaning needs, in-home rug cleaning may not be appropriate. 

We strive to build lifetime relationships with our clients.  The only way to do that is by providing a standard of service that leaves no doubt in the minds of our customers.  Choose ProTech once and you’ll never want any other carpet cleaning service.

The difference shows in our reviews: 20+ years in business and not a single negative review.

A major part of our commitment to service is a commitment to education.  We stay fully up to date in our industry’s latest training and technologies.  Our owner is both a Senior Applied Carpet Inspector and Master Textile Cleaner, certified by the IICRC.  In fact, all ProTech technicians are IICRC certified carpet cleaners.

Hire us and you’ll have a carpet and rug cleaning expert working to restore the full beauty of your area rugs.

Not only that, we back up our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We take ownership of the client education process.  That way, you can make an informed buying decision.  You’ll always know exactly what you’re getting when you choose ProTech Carpet Care.

There Are Two Kinds of Rugs

Rug Type and the Level of Soiling Are Both Factors In How We Price Rug Cleaning. 

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic Rugs are made of Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene and some fiber blends.

These synthetic materials are generally simple to clean.  Cleaning can be done on location in most cases.

If necessary due to extreme soiling conditions, like pet problems, in shop pit washing may be required. 

Natural Fiber

Natural fiber rugs are usually made of wool or cotton or a blend of the two.

Natural fiber rugs can be more problematic to clean because they stain easily.

Pet stains on natural fibers always needs to be cleaned in shop and may require pit washing. 

Featured Packages

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Pet problems are based and priced on a free black light inspection and free estimate.

                   Expectations cannot be assessed on pet problems unless we see the carpet.

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