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 Welcome to ProTech’s wood floor restoration page. Whether you have stain grade hardwoods, engineered hardwoods, or laminates, we are your wood restoration experts. We offer wax removal and buffing, to complete screen and recoat of your polyurethane finishes.

Wood floor refinishing before
Wood floor refinishing After

Not all wood floors are the same, so let us give you a FREE estimate to test your floors and set your expectations on a restoration process for your home. With over 25 years in the cleaning and restoration business, we are Winston-Salem’s best and one of the oldest cleaning and restoration companies around.

Now some floors may need just cleaning and buffing, and other floors may need wax removal and buffing, and still others may need a restoration process, including wax removal and cleaning, plus screening and recoating of your chosen finish with polyurethane.

If you need hardwood services for:

  • Wax removal

  • Hardwood deep cleaning

  • Light wood refinishing

  • Dustless and dust-free refinishing

Our team can handle your hardwood project.  It’s a great alternative to full-scale refinishing.  And if you happen to need full refinishing, we have options for you with that as well.

Contact us for a FREE estimate.  You’re under no obligation whatsoever. We will come out, evaluate your floors, give recommendations on what it would take to restore your floors, and give you an exact quote. No pressure. No obligations. So why not give us a call? You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and a beautiful floor to gain. 



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About the Owner

Meet Kevin Conrad

(A letter from the ProTech Marketing Team)

Kevin loves cleaning. No really… Kevin LOVES to clean and restore carpet and wood floors.

In ProTech’s original About Us information, Kevin literally called the carpet cleaning and restoration industry “one of his first loves”.

And he was not joking.

If you’ve EVER heard the man talk about carpet care, you know this to be true.  In fact, Kevin is an incredible resource for all textile maintenance information.

Don’t believe us?

Check out ProTech’s online reviews or speak to the man yourself.  Any doubts will soon fade away.

As an owner/operator, Kevin’s passion trickles down to every member of his team.  He takes his technicians for yearly certifications by the IICRC.

It’s no wonder ProTech has never earned a negative review online.  It’s also no wonder that ProTech has been able to earn lifelong customers.

After all, no business deserves repeat business like those that truly care about their customers.

Call now at (336) 202-2061 to learn what a true carpet cleaning expert can do for you.  Or, continue reading to see how real passion for your industry can benefit an entire community.

Kevin Conrad Owner

Kevin Conrad Owner


Senior Carpet Inspector

Master Textile Cleaner

Owner of ProTech Carpet Care


Why We are “The Triad’s True Wood floor Experts”

It’s more than a tagline.  It’s the truth.

For over two decades, ProTech has served the Triad with pride.

In that time, we’ve had the privilege to help out many members of our community.  Sure, people call us to clean carpets.  But we do our very best to exceed expectations.

In most cases, ProTech can complete a job in one to two days, depending on the size and scope of the job. We remove the old wax finish from floors that simply need to be buffed back to the finish provided by the manufacturer. In addition to wax removal, other floors may be screened and recoated with a water-based polyurethane to the desired sheen.

Our process does not leave your home with that awful solvent smell that is typically associated with wood floor restoration, and we do not require you to be out of your home or off your floors for a week or longer, depending on the scope of work to be done.

We use only industry proven products from Duraseal and Bona to Basic Coatings and their cleaning products. We will also provide you with knowledge and products to maintain your floors after the restoration process is complete. We get accolades from all over the Greensboro area – check out our amazing reviews from Winston-Salem area homeowners! Give us a call today [336-202-2061] to start your wood floor restoration project.


Frequently asked questions about hardwood refinishing:


What’s the cost to refinish hardwood flooring?

The cost varies based on the size of your room and the shape that your floors are in. We offer no obligation, exact quotes. Just give us a call or send us a message on our estimate form will come out ASAP to give you an estimate.


How do you refinish hardwood floors?

First, we evaluate the exact needs of your floor. Some floors will get a cleaning, followed by a coat of very light polyurethane.  Other floors will get a light sanding followed by one or two coats of polyurethane.  Other floors that have specialty problems, like wax, may need other procedures to remove the finish before we actually do the cleaning and refinishing.


How long will it be before I can walk on the floors?

In most cases you can walk on your floors within four hours. Socks will be required for at least 48 hours after our service.


Is there a lot of dust when you refinish wood floors?

Not at all. In fact, some of our processes include no dust at all. Another one of our more intense processes has very minimal amount of dust. But our service is nowhere near the amount of major dust that conventional hardwood floor refinishing would generate.


How long will the refinishing process take? 

On most jobs, we are finished completely within one day. On jobs larger than 2000 square feet of actual wood floors, it may take longer than a day. Our crew is very efficient at giving you a good scope for the time it will take, and in efficient manner to get the job done properly.


Will furniture need to be moved?

Yes, for the most part. We do have some alternatives for you about furniture moving. Ask your technician or our phone representative about more information on this when you call. Much of this depends on your specific needs for your floors.


We're ready to get started if you are.


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